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If you would create something, you must be something. –Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ā— A Jason Caldarera website

Who’s writing this???

I am.

My name is Jason and I’ve been managing people, promoting people, developing people and redirecting people for more than 18 years. With a BA in communications, an MA in human resource leadership, and retail business experience, I hope I can shed some light on best practices, common mistakes, and other management lessons beneficial to everything we do.

Currently I work with Starbucks Coffee Co., and love what I do. But whether you manage an entire industry, a company, a store, a branch, or just yourself, there are commonalities. I won’t write directly about our company or its practices, but I will tell you ours is a business model with an incredible legacy and a bright future.

While the site is constantly developing, please feel free to drop comments and questions. Post all you like and let me know what types of lessons and tools you find most beneficial.

Contact me directly at or post here.

Thanks again, Jason.

Check out my personal website at


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