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Multitasking Made Me Fat

It was one of those moments when you realize what you’ve been doing to contribute to the problem, to cause the problem.  It’s when you understand it isn’t “the world”, it’s me.

And this isn’t a commentary about losing weight.  This is me understanding that in a constant drive to produce, I lost the focus on the process.  I no longer enjoyed the doing, I validated myself with simply producing.

You don’t need to look very far to find considerable conversation regarding the internet’s, and more recently the iPad’s, impact on the need for instant gratification.  Our ability to quickly find unlimited information creates an expectation of unlimited potential.  Just as we seamlessly move from one internet article to the next, clicking links, opening new windows, we expect our lives to quickly move from one experience to the next.  And in my work, those experiences are projects.

It’s become more about the process of moving through a project and from one project to the next than it is about the art of completing and enjoying the finished project.

This behavior has become the norm, and I’ve carried it through to all I do, including eating.  It’s more about the getting through the meal, moving from one food to the next.  I do not take the time to enjoy the meal, much less the dessert.  I mindlessly and carelessly move through a meal as if it were another project.

At home and at work, it’s important to take time to enjoy the individual steps which lead to a finished project (or meal).

What items are you or your team working through at a pace which isn’t allowing time to enjoy the actual project, the individual wins?  Not taking the time to enjoy, understand, and learn from our process can lead to repeating mistakes.  Mindlessly, carelessly repeating mistakes.


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