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6 Thinking Hats

In his book, 6 Thinking Hats, Edward de Bono introduces a powerful tool for getting outside our comfort zones and seeing opportunities from new perspectives.

I was especially interested in how the 6 Hats style helps a team to align and approach a discussion or engage a new opportunity from the same angle. Using this style, teams avoid unnecessary conflict and promote creativity, implementation and sustainment.

The 6 Hats (briefly)

White hat – wear this hat when reviewing/discussing available data, status quo
Red hat – wear this hat when using gut instinct or intuition
Black hat – this is the hat you’ll use when playing devil’s advocate, searching for fatal flaws
Yellow hat – optimistic hat; use this source of positivity
Green hat – creativity hat; get crazy, go wild and innovate. What if nothing were stopping you?
Blue hat – the facilitator’s hat; wear this hat when you need to move the team through the discussion process, guiding the team to switch hats as necessary.

I’ve started using these hats even when it’s an independent decision. Often, when I’m brainstorming or thinking through something, my mind races, endless possibilities compete for consideration. The 6 Hats style helps me focus and achieve a more refined result. (It’s also a little fun giving myself the freedom to think differently.)

Try it out…


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