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If you would create something, you must be something. –Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ● A Jason Caldarera website

Employees sluggish? Unmotivated? Need some ideas….

Has the momentum of the holidays, the new year, the candies and hearts worn off?  Struggling to find the next idea?  the next inspiration?  the next focus that will save your company money?  Economic times have you down?

Now is the time to gather employee input.  Get an idea of where everything stands.  No, it’s not a gripe session, but it is a chance to find out how your people are feeling and discover any new ideas they might have.  (If it turns into a gripe session, don’t simply dismiss it.  The gripe might be legitimate.  If so, put your people to work on a solution that pleases everyone.)

During these times it is incredibly important your team realize they aren’t alone.  They need to feel you hear them, and they need to see you taking action. 

You are not in this alone and neither are they.  Realize and embrace you’re a team.  Generating their ideas, generates their buy-in, generates its own inspiration!


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