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eBay’s Controversial Feedback Policy Starts Monday

eBay, the on-line hot spot, will put into effect its new feedback policy this Monday.   The policy, announced last January, will remove the ability of sellers to leave negative (or neutral) feedback concerning buyers.

eBay maintains the change is a result of growing retaliatory comments from sellers who received negative feedback from buyers.  Market research, according to eBay, shows us buyers who receive these retalitory comments are much less likely to make future purchases.   Fewer future purchases mean decreasing sells which isn’t in anyone’s best interest.

Well at least not in everyone’s best interest.  Decreasing sales at eBay is a good thing for rival sites, such as  Sellers are looking towards local classifieds, self-owned merchant sites, and local sites such as  The defection, while currently only a blimp on eBay’s radar, could be a sign of things to come.


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  1. Colleen says:

    My feeling is not to change the neutral to negative feedback, but just to eliminate and delete the neutral comments.

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