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IT Managers Find a Fix

In the increasingly IT dependent world we live in, we begin to see more and more managers who are in the management mix of reconciling people with software, hardware, systems, portals, drives, gateways, and about one billion more tech-savvy terms.  These managers not only have to work through the day to day questions of how to handle the human element of motivating and inspiring their staff, they also need to stay downloaded on the most recent versions of the systems which keep our businesses running.  Hopefully we get the the human element here at Management Lessons.  But where do IT professionals go to get the updates they need?  (I’m actually asking and hoping to get a responce.)

One site I’ve found recently is linked here.  While it isn’t an exhaustive resource, it does periodically provide insight and direction for which many are looking.  If nothing else, it allows you to post your own thoughts and questions and connect with like minded technicians.  Check out and let the administrator there know what you think of the site.  For all your human needs, keep checking back with Management Lessons.

(If you know of another great resource for IT professionals, leave a comment.)

Have a great day!


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