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The Secret of Branding and Customer Service; the Whopper Freak Out Video

While watching American Idol recently, I saw a commercial for Burger King.  If you haven’t seen this Whooper Freak Out Video, click the name and watch.  It’s quite funny and insightful.  The reactions of the customers are varied but the center on one central theme:  the product they’d come to know and love, the product that WAS Burger King to them was gone.  And with the disappearance of this item, their impression of the company was changed as well.

The question is, what in your current business is the Whopper?  What would you take away that if you did, the customer would simply not stand for it?  What would get these reactions from your customers? 

The challenge is… Can you make exceptional customer service your Whopper?  Can you make exceptional customer service such a focus that if one day it were gone, the customer would not stand for it.  If you can, you’ll grow your business like never before.


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