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If you would create something, you must be something. –Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ● A Jason Caldarera website

Meerkat Manor’s Flower and Lessons on Being an Exceptional Leader

If you are familiar with the series, Meerkat Manor, then you are familiar with their courageous, inspiring leader, Flower.  As you might know, she was killed in combat.  She died defending her family and protecting her way of life.  As managers, as leaders we have much to gain from her examples as leader of the Kalaharis.

Most prominent in this lesson is her keen ability to push forward, to constantly strive to acheive the tasks before her.  Granted her motivation was the greatest motivation of them all–life or death.  She knew her actions would affect her entire family’s ability to survive in the harsh conditions.  While we may not have such extreme motivators, we cans still learn and implement the leadership that is her legacy. 

Over the coming weeks, we’ll dedicate this series to the life she lead, the lessons she taught, and the young leaders who are now thriving because of her teachings.  Join Management Lessons as we embark on “Lessons from a Flower”.


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