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If you would create something, you must be something. –Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ● A Jason Caldarera website

Understanding what’s important to your people.

Most managers miss a very important opportunity to build their team.  If you ask the average employee what is important to him, he will probably start with his family, his interests, things outside of work.  His job will definitely be one of the things he mentions but pay attention to what else is said.  If you know your employee’s daughter, husband, or wife is the most important thing in his or her life, do you know that person’s name?  Do you know some interesting fact about that person?  How can you convince your people to care about your ideas, your work, your initiatives, if you cannot take the time to care about what is most important to them?  If Sally’s daughter had an incredibly important state tryout for gymnastics, did you take the time to ask how it went?

Take the time to care about your people and they’ll pay you back ten fold.


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  1. jeffwangbest says:

    Well, I believe that you are right on this, Jason. A manager should always care about their people, not only their work, but everything else about them. I am just wondering how much time a manager could afford to make this happen. As we know, time is always of great concern.

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