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Training new hires

A common question we as managers seem to ask ourselves is “How do I train my managers to be better trainers?”  The honest answer in a lot of cases will be: you can’t.  It’s the sad truth.  You can however, understand and develop the process of training to ensure the outcomes are stronger, better prepared associates.  Your managers might not necessarily get better at training, but the process will be improved.


The most important step is to identify one person in your business who is a good trainer.  (It might even be you.)  This person should oversee the big picture, follow up and give feedback to the other trainers in your business.  This approach will departmentalize your training.  Many companies have a training department which oversees all the training, the new hire never putting into action or seeing ‘real world’ application until they are thrown in the field or on the sales floor.  This process has to be broken. It isn’t beneficial to most learning styles.  Almost every learner benefits from actually practicing, as a part of the learning process, what is being learned. 


The managers who do not count overall training as their strength are still incredibly important to your organization’s training process.  The person in charge of the overall process should identify the strengths of each manager in your location.  For instance, Sara might not be great at training, but she is most exceptional at some operational process. (If she’s not great at any operational process, why is she a manager?)  If Sara’s strength is to understand the payroll component of your business, have new hires learn from Sara how the process works.  Tim might be great at sales, either in the field or on the sales floor.  Have new hires see Tim in action. 


This approach to identifying the leaders in your business and playing to their strengths isn’t new, but it is often forgotten.\



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